Songs about sobriety: from hardcore to hip-hop

From the vegan straight edge hardcore of Earth Crisis (perfect if you’re also on that Veganuary hype), to big hitters like Pink and Kendrick Lamar, below we delve into the deep pool of sobriety bangers. Petrou has released two solo mixtapes under the name Oddy Nuff da Snow Leopard; The Jefe Tape in 2012 and Pluto in 2014. Pluto contained the first collaboration between Arceneaux and Petrou on a commercial project; Arceneaux was featured on the song Smoke a Sack. In 2023, Petrou released his first solo album in nine years titled Tragic love songs to study to [vol. The album takes a punk rock vibe similar to the tracks he released with his former band Vapo-Rats in the early-2010s.

While many rap artists like to boast about their sex, drugs and rock and roll lifestyle, it’s landed many in prison, many broken, battered and bruised, and a number even six-feet under. It’s fair to say that the genre has a close association with drugs and alcohol. Lyrics are littered with references to the likes of weed, cocaine, alcohol and more and with that comes a lifestyle that can swallow you up if you’re not careful. A refreshingly honest approach to sobriety, this chirpy pop number finds frontman Matty Healy personifying his past heroin addiction, and treating the drug like a long lost lover. Sobriety might not be easy (and Matty has been quick to point out he’s not completely sober by any means), but sometimes it’s okay to admit you miss your former crutch. Yeah, Young Chop doesn’t rap, but it’s worth noting that the “Hate Being Sober” producer doesn’t smoke weed or drink.

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Has even gone on to salute Eminem for the help he gave T.I. Before Suicideboys, Arceneaux was an aspiring solo hip-hop artist, releasing several mixtapes under the name Scrim. These include Narcotics Anonymous, #DrugFlow and Patron Saint of Everything Totally Fucked, all of which were released before the group’s formation in 2014.

Many times, the glamorization of substance use is in their rhymes, peppering hooks with one-liners that speak to those internal struggles. But despite drug culture’s influence over music and trends, a number of the game’s favorite artists embrace sobriety. In his younger sober rappers years, Eminem had a serious pill-popping addiction, something which is generally well-known if you’re a fan of the MC. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he confessed that he’d be taking up to 60 Valium and 30 Vicodin pills per day during the peak of his addiction.

Tyler, The Creator

On December 13, 2022, the duo announced a European Tour[31] to go from March 6, 2023, to March 26, 2023. The tour featured other artists, like Ski Mask the Slump God, and other G59 artists, like Germ, Shakewell, and Chetta. According to his own social media posts Ice-T is pretty much – if not entirely – sober.

Arguably the king of hardcore’s straight edge belief system, Minor Threat frontman Ian MacKaye screamed of his frustrations at an intoxicated nation time and time again. In and out in just 47 seconds, ‘Straight Edge’ perfectly lays out his mantra. Arceneaux and Petrou are quite secretive when it comes to their personal lives.


Unlike some of his fellow Odd Future members, Tyler, The Creator made a deliberate decision to not smoke or drink. In an interview with Fantastic Man, he recalled when he told someone to stop smoking in the studio. He further expressed that he has never once wanted to get drunk.

  • In December 2020, she celebrated four years of sobriety on Instagram, writing, «For anyone and everyone who is struggling or has a desire to get sober know that it is not a one size fits all process but it’s one day at a time.»
  • A big bout of December-based boozing has left you feeling like a dried out prune, and you’re eyeing up sobriety like it’s the solution to all your many, many problems.

After a rehab visit and multiple overdoses, he now lives a stable life of sobriety. In a 2022 interview with Self, he discussed how avoiding overworking, limiting his use of social media, and feeling inspired and motivated by his daughter help him to stay clean. That did not, however, stop Pharrell from famously launched a women-focused liquer, Qream, in 2011. Pharrell intended the drink “to celebrate the beautiful, independent, and sophisticated women of today.” He later entered a legal battle against Diageo, who, he claimed, promoted it as a “club drink,” which was not his intention.

While hip-hop has its many celebratory moments from lyrics to accolades, in recent years, the genre has been hit with the negative consequences of drug culture, which has claimed the lives of many young rappers. From Mac Miller’s fatal overdose to Juice WRLD’s drug-induced seizure, the link between death and addiction has been a recurring topic in rap. Lupe Fiasco has always been a passionate artist, but he has also had a long battle with substance abuse. He was able to get sober in 2012, and has since opened up about his struggles and how he was able to overcome them. Since then, he has been open about the importance of sobriety and how it has helped him better himself as an artist.

  • According to his own social media posts Ice-T is pretty much – if not entirely – sober.
  • In an interview with Rolling Stone, he confessed that he’d be taking up to 60 Valium and 30 Vicodin pills per day during the peak of his addiction.
  • Speaking in third person, he captioned the post, «Toosii if you don’t smoke or drink how do you have fun?,» dismissing any notion of relying on substances to keep himself busy.
  • After a near fatal overdose he began to piece his life together.
  • Em once told «VIBE» that he had to relearn how to record music sober.

Not long ago Sosa finished his stint at a rehab center, though we know what his response was to that. In an interview with Billboard, fans were generally overjoyed to hear Chief Sosa admit he “don’t sip the lean no more,” considering the sloppiness of his last two mixtapes. The road to addiction treatment can be very challenging, especially with the media glamorizing drug and alcohol use. Though it may seem like drug use is conducive to creativity in the rap world, there are several rappers who prove that this is not the case.

«I didn’t really go to high school parties, and yeah, I didn’t touch pot till I was in my 20s… I didn’t get flat-out drunk until I went to college. But I think that’s a good thing in many ways,» she said. When you picture the lives of your favorite famous singers you might imagine them popping bottles of champagne after their sold out concerts or drinking Grey Goose at A-List parties. Common is well known as a conscious rapper who advocates for love, peace, and all things pure.

sober rappers

While many musicians struggle with drugs and alcohol, others choose to remain sober or get clean after experiences with addiction. Some famous rappers who don’t drink or do drugs went to rehab while other sober rappers quit cold turkey. A few famous rap stars who are sober even inspired other hip hop stars to kick their addictions for good. He rapped about drug use on his first few albums, but it was not until after 2004’s Encore that he sought help. His 2009 album, Relapse, was a direct result of a relapse following the death of his best friend, rapper Proof.

Sam Cooke is a health writer for Fusion 360, an SEO and content marketing agency. Despite his absurd and often offensive music, Tyler, the Creator has stated that some things aren’t for everyone, which was a reference to drug use. Joe Budden is best known for his work with hip-hop group Slaughterhouse. He has publicly stated that while many individuals can participate in the use of drugs and still function, he cannot.

  • «I had f—in’ 10 drug dealers at one time that I’m getting my s— from. Seventy-five to 80 Valiums a night, which is a lot.»
  • Ironically, ‘Swimming Pools (Drank)’’s “wake up / drank” refrain became something of a frathouse drinking anthem, despite Kendrick himself writing the song about his family’s struggles with alcoholism, and the peer pressure that comes with sobriety.
  • Despite the popularity of drugs in hip-hop culture, not every rapper partakes in popping mollys or getting fried.
  • From Mac Miller’s fatal overdose to Juice WRLD’s drug-induced seizure, the link between death and addiction has been a recurring topic in rap.

He has since helped his fellow rappers with their addictions. Period.” Joe Budden proclaimed in a 2013 interview with “Some people can function [with drugs], I’m just dysfunctional and self-destructive,” the Slaughterhouse rapper explained. In his past, Budden has struggled with an addiction to MDMA.

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